Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review--The Black Heart Crypt

   Ugh, ugh, ugh... that's all I can say for this one. Chris Grabenstein's "spooky" Halloween romp, The Black Heart Crypt, was one I was happy to leave behind. Apparently this author has had some success, but I found myself asking... WHY? This book was formulaic, infantile, simplistic, and left me yawning  at each supposedly spine-tingling turn. There were moments of humor, I must say, though a few chuckles were not enough to make this story memorable.
   This book was full of the terrible trap of telling rather than showing, which removes the reader from the action and makes one more aware of the layer of words that are weaving the shallow story, rather than the story itself.
   If you are looking for a fun, spooky read... walk right on by The Black Heart Crypt. There is bound to be better options out there.

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