Friday, April 27, 2012


    There is no real need for Odysseus to worry about the underwater ladies in Tricia Rayburn's novel, Siren, as long as he keeps his ear buds in and his i-pod turned up... at least that is how it seemed to work for the savvy teens of this paranormal story set on the coast of Maine.
    With her own sister and numerous men washing up dead at the popular summer resort, Vanessa, the heroine of Siren, must look beyond the waves if she wants to discover the truth of the mystery that is enveloping her town.
    She is not alone in her quest, of course, for who lives next door but a handsome college student, ready to catch her when she falls and help her as she follows an uncertain path of discovery. Formulaic? Yes! Fun, anyway? Sure. Stellar? Absolutely not. Painful? Not at all.
    Siren is a quick, fun, and harmless read... good to pack with the beach towel... just remember to take your i-pod and don't go in the water.

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