Tuesday, May 1, 2012


    Call it a guilty pleasure, but sometimes these teen paranormal romances, while certainly not high-brow literature, can fill a niche in one's library repertoire. Such was the case with Need, by Carrie Jones. I wasn't expecting much when I cracked this one open, and after I got over the scoffing and critiquing that inevitably goes along with the first few chapters, I was dragged, albeit slightly shamefacedly and kicking and screaming, into the story.
    Steeped in the usual teenage angst, high school drama, and dreamy romance, Need still managed to entertain, though ask me about it in a couple weeks and I probably will have forgotten its plot. What supernatural beings were revealed in this one, you ask? Well, some of the usual ones, of course, namely werewolves, but pixies dominate, and they are angry, violent beings, so there is a slight edginess present throughout the narrative.
    This is the first of what might be several, but at least two (2nd is Captivate) books, and I might attempt that one, as well... if in a few weeks I can remember this one and I have nothing better to read.

Next reviews up: Wake, The Geography of Bliss, and Death Sentence.


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