Friday, July 8, 2011

Review--The Passage

   And now time for something completely different! I am venturing decidedly outside of the Young Adult genre with this review, but there are plenty of teens who will enjoy The Passage, by Justin Cronin, so here we go.
   I grabbed this book after hearing the author interviewed by David Sirota on the radio. I was taken most by Cronin's description of how he came to write the book in the first place. His daughter challenged him to write a story about a girl who saved the world, quite a tough order, indeed. The Passage--and the books that are destined to follow--are the result of that challenge.
   Let me just get it over with now, so it is out there... this book is about vampires... sort of. Called virals in Cronin's dark futuristic world, these vampires are a result of human experimentation gone wrong, in an effort to make the ultimate fighting machine. Of course, all hell breaks loose, and a new world unfolds, with survivors hiding behind high walls ringed with light, the one thing that can keep the virals at bay.
   At times the book gets a tad flaky, but the concept is intriguing and extremely complex, leaving plenty of room for exciting tangents in Book 2, The Twelve. 
   This book is no Dracula, but it is a thrilling romp through a terrifying world, nonetheless.

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