Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review--The Carrier of the Mark

Ah! Scathing review time! What a magical time of the year! The Carrier of the Mark*, a YA book by Leigh Fallon, was one of the worst and most hilarious books I have read in a while. Poster child of the clichéd paranormal romance genre, The Carrier of the Mark stars rather bland heroine Megan, who has just moved to Ireland, and is suffering all the usual new girl problems. There she meets darkly handsome Adam DeRís,  for whom she feels an immediate and illogical attraction. And, of course, Adam and his family are anything but ordinary.  The characters are nothing special; Megan is nice... but that's it. She has no personality. Adam is gorgeous, perfect, and angsty, but boring. Also, this book had a lot of similarities to a certain popular paranormal romance I could mention. I would not recommend this book. I truly had trouble finishing it.


*Look (or don't) for this book in October, as it is not out yet.

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