Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review: Eve

       This creepy, futuristic novel, Eve, by Anna Carey, comes out in October, and it is sure to captivate many people, especially those who enjoyed Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale. Like that classic novel, Eve touches on the idea that women--or in this case teen girls--are being used as breeding machines in a world that is collapsing. As a young adult novel, I found this to be a heavy topic, but the idea was merely brushed upon and was not the central focus of the book. 
Instead, Eve’s story-line focuses on an intelligent young girl named Eve (surprise, surprise), who is in line to graduate from the secluded all-girls’ school at the head of her class, destined, or so she thinks, for great purpose and great service to the world, whose population has suffered due to plague and apocalyptic unrest. 
She finds, though, that horrors await, with young girls moving no further than to the next walled-in building to become brood mares to help repopulated the planet. Eve makes the bold move to escape beyond the perceived  safety of her confines to the great wild world, where she encounters what the girls have been told to fear above all else--a male, in this case a thoughtful and mysterious boy named Caleb.
Grand adventure begins, and Eve must learn to trust herself and those around her, in the hopes of escaping the ruling powers who are hunting for her. 
I found Eve to be fast-paced with characters that were richly imagined. If dystopia-themed novels are your thing, than look for this book in the fall.

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