Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review--Sophie's World

    Thanks to my dear friend Jana, this book came into my hands, and what fun it was. If you are a fan of philosophy, and welcome a new take on a mind-bending subject, give "Sophie's World" a try. Jostein Gaarder's fictional handling of the realm of philosophy is adept and well-thought out, which comes as no surprise, since Gaarder spent years teaching high school philosophy. He probably had so many glassy-eyed students staring back at him over the years, uncomprehending the heady subject he placed before them, that he decided to add a twist that would lighten the heavy load.
    In "Sophie's World", the fictional story quickly becomes secondary, leaving the real meaty essence of the history of philosophy exposed. Truth be told, the "story-telling" is second-rate, but captivating enough, as one persists in turning pages, curious as to how the story will unfold. But, as I said, the narrative becomes unimportant, as the beautiful world of philosophy begins to emerge. 
   Easily read by both young people and adults, "Sophie's World" is a fine way to test the philosophical waters; it left me eager to dive in to deeper pools.

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