Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Packing... lots of books

   As we prep for a cross-country move, I realize just how many books have accumulated over our 16 years at this address, not even counting the many books that have come, been read, and gone on to greener pastures. Not surprisingly, the piles of boxes filled with yet-to-be-read books thrills me, while the equally large pile of other items leaves me wondering how we fritter our money away.
   I will never feel that way about books, though... never. They provide our family with a constant flow of joy, and I look forward to the unpacking of the many treasures tomes.
   As we drive away into the sunset, we leave behind our favorite local bookstore... not a large, big name chain, but rather a small, intimate neighborhood store that has been a part of our lives since my children were babies. It was there that their love of reading was born.
   This store is Cover to Cover (a bookstore for young people), and I yell its praises from the mountain-side, upon which I soon will live. Will I go to the large chain stores and on-line dealers for my books now, since we will be living half a continent away? Sometimes. But, thank goodness for the internet, and the knowledge that I can still order some new and exciting books from people I now call friends.
   Thanks for all the years of wonderful books, Cover to Cover. We look forward to many more. Oh, and thanks for the boxes.

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