Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: City of Fallen Angels

   City of Fallen Angels, Cassandra Clare's latest Mortal Instruments installment continues to broaden the path  set down in the previous books, allowing secondary characters time to blossom and become favorites. With a movie of the popular first book, City of Bones, on the horizon, fans will be eating this one up.
   Clare writes with humor and clarity, really letting the characters be the driving force behind the action and the angst that inevitably becomes a part of a world inhabited by sexy Shadowhunters, reluctant vampires, father-figure werewolves, and demons whose blood splatters in every imaginable color. In the midst of it all is a sweet love story, of course. Also, Jace Wayland has to be one of the most appealing characters out there, with his enviable, rakish sense of humor, and paradoxically cynical narcissism.
All in all, City of Fallen Angels left me wondering how far down the path of sequels Clare is going to take this series, but I imagine I will enjoy every minute.

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