Thursday, May 19, 2011


   If you've ever imagined, as a child, what it would be like to survive on a raft on a stormy sea (a blanket under the table), or stranded in a lonely cabin (a pillow fort--under the same table), then this story might be what you would imagine if you still played that game as a teen. Trapped, by Michael Northrop, is a an imaginative romp through a world gone wrong.
   In a time when dystopia novels are all the rage, this little book--at only 240 pages, it felt very short---Trapped tackles a world where it won't stop snowing. Think the New England winter of 2010-2011, on steroids. Oh, and our characters are in a high school, so of course not even frigid weather can turn off hormones and teen angst.
   Since the book was so short, I felt that the story had a lot of ground to cover, and I was left wanting a more complete resolution at the end. I did look forward to discovering what new problem would arise for these kids trapped in the school, but once the problem did arrive--and it always did--I was left wanting more.
   It kept me reading though, and if you you fancy a ride back on that blanket raft, give this one a go.

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