Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review--The Dead

   For those of you not yet sated by the zombie genre in modern literature, then the upcoming book, The Dead, by Charlie Higson is for you. The book hits shelves June 14th. If the author's name sounds familiar, it might be because he has delved into this world before, with the novel, The Enemy.  The Dead serves as a sort of prequel, and in it the world, or in this case, London, has completely fallen apart, with most people over the age of 16 having succumbed to a terrible disease, which turns them into hideous zombies.
   From the opening page onward, the author does not shy away from gore and graphic details. Also, just as one would expect from such a tale, the action is non-stop. In this new world, kids rule, managing to be authoritative, tender, petty, shallow, and child-like all in one.
   Admittedly, my favorite moment was the mention of Monty Python and the Holy Hand Grenade, which made me chuckle, but the rest, in spite of the overload of blood, guts, guns, and action, left me a tad bored. But, if you liked The Enemy, than I imagine you will find this one a fun romp through British zombie-land, too. Enjoy, mate!

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