Friday, June 17, 2011

Review--The Hole in the Wall

   Well, this book left me mystified, I must say. The Hole in the Wall, Lisa Rowe Fraustino's environmental commentary cloaked in a novel for the 9-12 year old set, reminded me a bit of another book with hole in the title... Holes, by Louis Sacher. Like that fine book, there was plenty of humor, charm, and goofiness surrounding the main character, 11 year-old Sebby, but the disjointed story-line and "out there" happenings just overwhelmed me, leaving me shaking my head, wondering just where Ms. Fraustino really intended to end up with this story. In contrast, Holes, though filled with plenty of unbelievable events, still managed to captivate and hold together. The Hole in the Wall was filled with... well... holes.
   The idea of a town threatened by some mysterious mining operation appealed to me, as this country is certainly covered with many such places, what with mountain-top removal, "fracking", etc. increasing at an alarming rate, so I was ready for a story that delved into the potential impact of such environmental alterations on a young boy's life. By the end of The Hole in the Wall, though, I was confused and shaking my head in disbelief. It had all just been a bit too much, too unbelievable. Overall, the book left me disappointed. Reread Holes instead.

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