Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review--Those That Wake

   Jesse Karp's Inception-like novel, Those That Wake, was an interesting read, partly because I found it a different sort of world-gone-bad kind of novel, at least compared to other young adult books of that ilk. Rather sophisticated in its delivery, the book was at times dry and confusing, but there was also plenty of action and even a little obligatory romance.
   Conceptually, though, I found it fascinating. Considering that the target audience is teenagers, one can only hope that readers are left pondering the roles our cell phones and other digital media play in separating us from each other as dynamic and creative human beings, who are capable of unique ideas and independent thought, rather than robotic automatons who have lost all sense of self, taken in by whatever overpowering data corporations inundate us with on a daily basis.
   The novel was unconventional and I recommend it for anyone seeking something rather outside of the box.

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