Friday, June 24, 2011

Review--Blink and Caution

   My first impression upon cracking open Tim Wynne-Jones's book, Blink & Caution, was, "Whoa, THIS passes as young adult fiction? Maybe I'm just getting old." If you are looking for an innocent adventure story, this book is not for you. But, if you are a sophisticated reader, accepting of slightly deviant worlds, then dive right in, for Blink & Caution was an enjoyable ride, in the end.
    Within the first few chapters, topics such as drugs, abusive drug-dealer boyfriends, porn, prostitution, and murder had all been covered. Once those tidbits were out of the way, the story actually developed and found its voice, which, despite all the earlier mature bluster, ended up being a sweet romance between two misfit kids. But, don't let the word "romance" scare all you thrill seekers away; Blink & Caution also managed to be a fun story of suspense and intrigue with plenty of action.
    Not overly complex, this is the perfect book for light summer reading, once one gets past all the heavy stuff at the beginning. I found the writing engaging, and the two main characters were unique, both of them   shattered souls, but not beyond recovery. Overall, the message was positive. Thumbs up.

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